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really good to see you back.....cant wait to see what quilty stuff you get up to with the new machine....


Yvonne... I've always liked the way you do things and how you see everything. Your project life is inspiring... and I wish I'd have the time and energy for making something like that. I just started a new job (which I really like so far) so I think I need some time to get adjusted to that. But, can never forget crafting... and yes, I should get back to blogging too.


I'm so happy you're back on TypePad. We missed you!


I was browsing through my favorites on FLickr and ages ago I once favorited one of your photos. I don't know how I got there, most likely it was in somebody's FLickr toys or something. Anyway, I now started to browse your photostream and to my delight find that you are in Korea. I was born in Korea. My parents moved to the Netherlands when I was 1. With my husband we've been moving places all over and I call myself a crafty mom of three. I'll enjoy following your blog and Flickr from now on!

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