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Jill Wignall

Hi Moline, I hadn't even realised you are over here. I thought you had just taken a break from blogging! I missed out! Well, I'm glad to hear you are doing well and enjoying yourself. You seem to be attracted to books with hearts on the cover!

Frische Brise

Oh! This is my favorite Cinderella-film of my childhood, too!
I love the music and the girl on her white horse riding through the snow.
My husband has grown up near Moritzburg where the Castle from the movie is.

Greetings from Hamburg, Germany!

Yvonne  Stehle

Hi Jill!
This morning I found the Today I saw- postcards I made since I discovered your blog: 3 (THREE!) not more. But it still is such a cute idea and I will try and make some more for my project life album.
And how funny you found out about the hearts - I did not even see it! So that proves the difference between the everyday woman in me and the illustrator in you! You see such coincidences and detail. And I love the cover of the Julia Child book. She always sent funny postcards of them as a couple. I remember one scene in the film where they even sat in the bathtu. I dont know f that was real or made up but it was so funny!
Thanks for popping in and telling me. Maybe I am already in the Valentine mood...

Yvonne  Stehle

Hallo Frische Brise! In Moritzburg war ich auch schon und wußte gar nicht, daß es dort gedreht wurde. Muß ich nächstes Mal drauf achten! Viele Grüße nach Hamburg. Mein Mann ist gerade heute Morgen von dort wieder weggeflogen nach Seoul...


Hallo Yvonne!
Ich lese deinen "alten" und "neuen" Blog schon länger still mit und bin ganz begeistert. Heute hätte ich mal eine Frage: Was ist das für ein tolles Kissen bzw. toller Stoff auf dem ersten Bild? Vielen Dank! LG, Dani


These photos are amazingly wonderful Yvonne! Love them.. I have never heard of that version of the movie. You're right, Disney's version wouldn't have that line in it.. it's all fluffy fluff. lol. Ah.. your cutie George really understands what life's about.. just living & finding time to enjoy doing nothing too. Your kids are too cute!

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