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Sounds like you really enjoyed your day!!! Those days are wonderful, and I don't have them too often either. Love those quotes and I agree with so many of them. Would also love to have a weekend just for reading!!! Or crafting as well :)! Without having to prepare the meals, of course ;).

But... most of all... I love the people living here with me!!!


Enjoy those days, slower ones. As a mum of three, you need them to go with the flow on other occasions :)

Yvonne  Stehle

Thank you Mervi!
I so agree!

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一个人开着车在公路上以每小时 130英里的速度行驶着,被交通警察给拦住了。 警官,对不起, 司机说, 我开得太快了吗? 不,先生,是你飞得太低了。


1.一个胖MM跟男友撒娇: 人家刚刚摔了一跤,疼着呢! 男友惊呀道: 怎么会?你就是摔了跤,也会弹起来的啊! 2.女友喜欢把手伸到我袖口里,我说,怪不得我袖口越来越大,女友说,你还好意思说,你以为我领口是怎么变大的啊!

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