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Welcome back Yvonne and thank you for leaving a comment on one of my new blog posts.

It sounds quite hard what you are dealing with but I know, from experience, that sometimes these things happen to us to wake us up or to teach us something. It seems you have a very positive attitude to stick with that and I know that everything will be all right.

I've bookmarked your new blog. I hope there will be lots more to read and see.

xox Yvonne


Wow all those changes sound quite good. I don't know if I could cut out my morning cuppa tea, but I am reducing my coffee intake dramatically. No more crappy-spoon-stands-in-cup-coffee in the office.
And you are right, it is never too late to get active. Have a wonderful 2012!

Ariana {And Here We Are...}

Yvonne, I wish you well as you make all of these changes, and work toward a healthier body. I am glad to hear you are loving live in Seoul, and look forward to more posts here!

Yvonne  Stehle

Yvonne, thanks for visiting and staying! As the year passes I intend to really find more pleasure in blogging and sharing things from over here. And I am always happy to see some of your colourful blog posts. I will be heading to our Cath Kidston store this week. I always pass by when I do my big monthly shopping and think of you and your home, even if this is in Belgium...

Yvonne  Stehle

Thank you Julia! Have a wonderful 2012, too.
You are so right. The worst coffee intakes are the in-between-ones. it is better to cherish one cup than have several without noticing over the day! I keep my fingers crossed for you and your resolutions!

Yvonne  Stehle

Hello Ariana!
I also hope to blog more and wish you all the best in your new home and environment. Hope youll find a farm soon!


Hello Yvonne,

I wish you a excelent 2012 with health anda hapiness.

Frau Mayer

Meine liebe Yvonne, how lovely to finally read a line or two from you - there hasn't been a vital sign (except for your beautiful as usual Pinterest updates) for quite a while!
Wishing you lots of energy - and write more soon! Liebe Grüße, Alina


Welcome back Yvonne. All the best to you. Its a pleasure to see you back in a new format and I look forward to whatever you have in store for us!

Yvonne  Stehle

Thank you Alina!
I am back again finally with newly generated energy. Ill write more soon!

Yvonne  Stehle

Dear Martha! it is good to be back! Thanks for letting me know I have been missed :-)


Change is good Yvonne!!!
here's to a steady path to healthy living!
sorry to hear about the cysts and the osteoporosis' - my doctor also recommended calcium tablets for me too...I want a healthy balanced lifestyle and must admit its a challenge in this fast paced world! but we'll get there...
looking forward to seeing more of your new blog!


WE can do it !! RIght there with you with the new challenges for 2012!! ;-))

Yvonne  Stehle

Anastasia! Of course we will get there! lets motivate each other!

Yvonne  Stehle

Ilze, yes we can! And we will remind us every week during our little adventures. i already have two new things to discover!
See you next week!


Dear Yvonne,

I am happy to hear you are back. Great new plans. We are currently loving the alkaline foods. So much more energy - it is true. A green veggie juice for breakfast works wonders.
All the best,

sarah hardaker

dear yvonne , so happy you are back to blogging, and also sorry to hear of the health issues, i am sure you will overcome them with great strength.
i am also glad you didn't delete all of your old archive - there is way too much loveliness there to be lost forever! keep going xx sarah

Yvonne  Stehle

Sarah, thank you so much!
Ive been visiting your blog several times but could never comment. I dont know what did not work. I tried it again today... So I am there but cannot tell you! :-(
Enjoy your week!

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