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Frau Mayer

Ach, Yvonne, irgendwie ein schönes Gefühl, mal wieder was von dir zu hören, wenn auch nur in Blogform. Jeden Tag verspreche ich mir selbst, dass ich das Bloggen wiederaufnehmen würde, doch irgendwie kommt ständig etwas dazwischen. Meistens sind es Korrekturen!
Na ja, umso schöner, dass du es mit deinem verrückten Alltag schaffst - und Jakob wird übrigens immer hübscher!
Eine bessere Wahl als Julie und Julia für nen gemütlichen Tag zu Hause kann ich mir gar nicht vorstellen, der Film ist so was von gemütlich. Gute Besserung-Wünsche an Pauline - und melde dich doch mal wieder!


Mommy and daughter days sound so special although you two were sick. You could watch "Die fabelhafte Welt der Amelie" with her. And what about "Ferris macht blau" with the boys? Or "Breakfast Club" when they are older?

Hope you feel better soon and the sick-bug left your family!




just caught up on your new blog 2012.really sorry to hear about your health issues but you really seem to be handling them in a positive way. looking forward to a year of great posts from the other side of the world x

Crafty Mother

Lovely to see your new blog home, I've checked in with your blog for a long time now and I love your's and your family's style, thank you for sharing, and I'm looking forward to hearing more of your adventures, esp. your pescatarian experience - I am vegetarian for 2 years now and it really changed my wellbeing, I also resistance train - so lots of best wishes for all of these new changes. Nicola


Always make me envy you with your wonderful take on family life and the time spent with your kids !!! Your stylish little man is adorable and love the picture of the kids hanging out !!! Must make a plan to see soon....

Yvonne  Stehle

Ilze, I am planning already!!! And once you settle down there you should take your lovely pictures and embark on project life as well!!!

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